Tour booking

These Guided Tours are available only for DSC 2017 participants. You have to register first for the Conference and pay (see Registration page).

In order to register for the guided tours, you have to choose beetween the following ones : Tour A, Tour B, Tour C or Tour D.
You can find bellow the desciption of the  different tours

  Tour A


Tour B


Tour C


Tour D


13h FKFS  Transfer  Transfer  Transfer
14h Transfer Optis Daimler FKFS
15h Daimler Transfer Transfer Transfer
16h Transfer FKFS Optis Daimler
17h Optis Transfer Transfer Transfer
18h Transfer Daimler FKFS Optis
19h   Transfer Transfer Transfer

Here are some information about the guided tours :

Daimler: The visit will include a slide presentation of the activities at the Daimler Simulation Center, a tour of the Control Station, the Daimler Dynamic Simulator and the Stereoscopic Fixed Base Simulator (as presented during the conference).

Optis: Optis will present real time sensor validation demonstration in physically correct simulation. The demonstration will be carried out with Optis Driving Simulator using Optis VREexperience software interfaced with SCANeRStudio.

FKFS: The visit at FKFS will give an insight into current work on automated driving and related studies using the driving simulator. The tour concludes with a demonstration of the Stuttgart Driving Simulator, the largest high performance vehicle simulator at a research institution in Europe.

In order to book to one of this 4 tours, please click on the corresponding link bellow and follow the instruction. Please note that group booking is not allowed ; you are able to book only for one person,