Driving Simulation Conference 2017 EuropeVR

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DSC Europe 2018: 5-7 sept. 2018 in Antibes, France

with a Keynote from Nadine Leclair,
Senior VP, Expert Fellow, Member of Renault Management Committee

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6-8 sept. 2017

The 2017 edition of the DSC conference will be held in Stuttgart (Germany), organized by the Driving Simulation Association, FKFS and Renault, and sponsored by Optis.

The goal of this international conference is to propose to academics and practitioners an all-round view of the state of the art of driving simulation technology, research and development.

In this conference, with just the right mix of science and industry, you have the opportunity to meet and discuss in a friendly environment with representatives of the world’s leading car manufacturers and suppliers. As a researcher, you are invited to share your most recent findings, rigorously peer-reviewed, and to attend the presentations of other scientists working on related, or completely different, fields.

This edition is strongly committed to the improvement of already appreciated features of the previous editions, like the variety of the topics, the presence of poster sessions, Keynotes, Guided Tours and the concurrent exhibition.

The best papers will be published in Special Issue in Driving Simulation, Transportation Research Part F, Elsevier.