Wednesday, September 6th 2017
12:00 Registration opens
13:00 Guided tours to simulation facilities
19:00 End

All tours start and finish at the Conference location: University of Stuttgart, Pfaffenwaldring 47, 70550 Stuttgart, Germany

Here are some information about the guided tours :

Daimler: The visit will include a slide presentation of the activities at the Daimler Simulation Center, a tour of the Control Station, the Daimler Dynamic Simulator and the Stereoscopic Fixed Base Simulator (as presented during the conference).

Optis: Optis will present real time sensor validation demonstration in physically correct simulation. The demonstration will be carried out with Optis Driving Simulator using Optis VREexperience software interfaced with SCANeRStudio.

FKFS: The visit at FKFS will give an insight into current work on automated driving and related studies using the driving simulator. The tour concludes with a demonstration of the Stuttgart Driving Simulator, the largest high performance vehicle simulator at a research institution in Europe.

You can find details on Daimler, Optis and FKFS driving simulators on the “Driving Simulators Worldwide” page of the DSA website.

–> To register for the Guided Tours, please go on the Tour Booking page.

Thursday, September 7th 2017
08:00 Registration
09:00 Introduction
Andras Kemeny, Chairman DSC
Renault, Arts et Métiers ParisTech, France
09:15 Autonomous vehicle keynote
The role of simulation in development and testing of autonomous vehicules
Hans-Peter Schöner

09:45 Talk Session A: ADAS, Autonomous & Connected Vehicles
09:45 Evaluating Driver Model Identifiability and Descriptiveness for Shared-Control Applications
Barendswaard, Sarah; Pool, Daan M; Abbink, David A.
10:05 Predictive shared steering control for driver override in automated driving: a simulator study
Guo, Chunshi ;Sentouh, Chouki ; Haue, Jean-Baptiste ; Popieul, Jean-Christophe
10:25 A Testing Framework for Predictive Driving Features with an Electronic-Horizon
Elgharbawy, Mohamed
10:45 Artificial Potential Field Framework for Semi-Autonomous Car Conception
Le Gouguec, Armand; Kemeny, Andras; Merienne, Frédéric; Berthoz, Alain
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Autonomous vehicle keynote
Road vehicule automation: history, opportunities and challenges
Steve Shladover
ITS Berkeley

12:15 Poster Session and Exhibition
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Talk Session B: Simulator Design & applications
14:30 Perception-Based Powertrain Design Using a Dynamic Driving Simulator
Baumgartner, Edwin; Ronellenfitsch, Andreas; Reuss, Hans-Christian, Schramm, Dieter
14:50 Defining the Kinematic Requirements for a Theoretical Driving Simulator
Olivari, Mario; Pretto, Paolo; Venrooij, Joost; Bülthoff, Heinrich H.
15:10 A newly developed 3 DOF driving simulator for longitudinal dynamics perception investigation
Erler, Philipp; Rinderknecht, Stephan
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Talk Session C: Simulator Design & applications
16:00 Power, Energy, and Latency Test Drives with the Wheeled Mobile Driving Simulator Prototype MORPHEUS
Wagner, Paul; Zöller, Chris; Albrecht, Torben; Winner, Hermann
16:20 A generic Steering Wheel Torque Model using Neural Networks
Hörmann, Stefan; Comudala Simpson, Eduard; Bahram, Mohammad
16:40 Supporting the Implementation of Driving Simulator Environments Through Established GIS Approaches by Extending the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) with OpenDRIVE
Scholz, Michael; Orozco Idrobo, Ana María
16:55 Exhibition
20:00 Conference dinner

Friday, September 8th 2017
09:00 Talk Session A: Motion Cueing & Control
09:00 The Apparent Vertical Filter Concept – Effects of driving on a slope
Seehof, Carsten; Fischer, Martin; Seefried, Andreas
09:20 An MPC based Multi-Sensory Cueing Algorithm (MSCA) for a high performance driving simulator with active seat
Bruschetta, Mattia; Cunico, Daniel; Chen, Yutao; Beghi, Alessandro; Minen, Diego
09:40 Fast MPC based motion cueing algorithm investigation
Fang, Zhou; Tsushima, Masashi; Kitahara, Eiichi; Machida, Naoya; Wautier, Didier; Kemeny, Andras
10:00 Objective Motion Cueing Test – Automotive
Haycock, Bruce; Advani, Sunjoo
10:15 Rapid Tuning of the Classical Motion Cueing Algorithm
Romano, Richard; Sadraei, Ehsan; Markkula, Gustav
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Talk Session B: Virtual Reality for Driving Simulation
11:00 Measuring presence in driving simulation
Mestre, Daniel; Deniaud, Christophe; Vincent, Honnet
11:20 Enhancing a Driving Simulator with a 3D-Stereo Projection System
Schmieder, Hannsjoerg; Nagel, Katja; Schoener, Hans-Peter
11:40 Comparing Tangible and Fully Virtual Haptic Systems for HMI Studies in Driving Situation
Lassagne, Antoine; Kemeny, Andras; Posselt, Javier; Merienne, Frederic
11:55 Industrial Keynotes
12:00 Autonomous vehicle deployment : new developments in simulation software and hardware
David Charondiere
12:20 Human factors design & validation in virtual reality for AD cockpits
Nicolas Dalmasso
12:40 The cognitive simulation of the car driver for Autonomous Driving systems development
Jean-Charles Bornard
ESI Group
13:00 Lunch – Poster Session and Exhibition
14:30 Talk Session C: Perception & Human Factors
14:30 Measuring and Modeling Driver Steering Behavior: From Compensatory Tracking to Curve Driving
van der El, Kasper; Pool, Daan Marinus; Mulder, Max
14:50 Time-varying perceived visual-motion mismatch due to lateral specific force scaling during passive curve driving simulation
van Leeuwen, Tim Daniël; Cleij, Diane; Pool, Daan Marinus; Mulder, Max; Bülthoff, Heinrich H.
15:10 Coffee break
15:40 Talk Session D: Perception & Human Factors
15:40 The impact of subjective simulator experiences on statistical power in the RObot based Driving and Operation Simulator (RODOS)
Reinhard, René Tapiwa; Kleer, Michael; Dreßler, Klaus
16:00 The use of proprioceptive cues in order to enhance presence in a dynamic motorcycle riding simulator
Will, Sebastian; Hammer, Thomas; Pleß, Raphael; Guth, Sebastian
16:20 Identifying the key factors that influence the realism of braking in a dynamic driving simulator through different levels of deceleration
Savona, Florian; Diaz, Emmanuelle; Stratulat, Anca Melania; Vars, Philippe; Honnet, Vincent; Masfrand, Stéphane; Bourdin
16:40 Conclusion
17:00 End

This preliminary program is subject to modification.
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